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World Record

SOLD: $4,200

World Record

Cagle Record

SOLD: 11,000

World Record

SOLD: $5,000

Item Sold For $8,000

World Record

SOLD: $3,400

Cagle Record

SOLD: $3,000

Item Sold For $3,000

Item Sold For $2,400

Cagle Record

SOLD: $2,800

World Record

SOLD: $1,900

Item Sold For $2,400

World Record

SOLD: $2,600

World Record

SOLD: $900

World Record

SOLD: $1,700

World Record

SOLD: $2,000

Item Sold For $1,100

Item Sold For $2,000

Item Sold For $1,600

World Record

SOLD: $1,425

World Record SOLD: $8,000

Item Sold For $2,200

Item Sold For $1,900

Item Sold For $1,300

Item Sold For $2,000

Top Sold World Record Realized Collection

Signed J.S. Nash Decorated African American Jug

SOLD: $76,000

Slave Potter Isham Hudson Alabama Signed Jar

SOLD: $18,500

Dave Drake - Edgefield Double Strap Jug

SOLD: $22,000


Cagle Auction Company

For the past 13 years, Brandon Pratt has been alongside Nathan Cagle for an amazing journey with this company. It has been my greatest pleasure to have learned from one of the finest auctioneers this country has ever had. Ever since I was a young child, I always enjoyed collecting stoneware and energetically selling antiques. It all started at Williams Auction in High Springs, Florida, working with Red Williams and his son Charlie. I also have a passion for fishing and hunting as many of you know. I hold a USCG Captain’s License as well. It is with the same intensity I have for salt-water fishing that I approach the Auction Business. I seek to bring in the very best offerings with honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service, all the while realizing top dollar for our clients. That is the CAGLE DIFFERENCE.

It has been difficult for all of us at Cagle Auction since Nathan’s passing, but with determination and focus we look forward to the future as we continue to set records in the auction business. It is an absolute honor to be at the helm of Cagle Auction Company. We will be delighted to see you all at the next auction.

— Brandon Pratt, Owner of Cagle Auction


Cagle Auction Company is a full service auction with over 20 plus years in the business. Our focus is on researching items and our vast knowledge of southern pottery and stoneware, primitives, gas and oil signs, Coca Cola memorabilia and soda advertising, Americana, antiques, firearms, coins, stamps and many other collectibles.

We specialize in on-site estate auctions realizing top dollar for your items. Please add this: We specialize in Gallery Auctions with Live In-Person Bidding, On-Site Estate Auctions, Online Only Auction. Cagle Auction also has the capability to do Estate Sales, Estate Clean Outs, as well. We also purchase collections or single items. So when you're ready to discuss, please contact Cagle Auction

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Our Team

Cagle Auction Company

In Loving Memory Nathan Cagle

What a exceptional individual in Faith of Christianity and his love for our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. What a Husband to Mary Jane Cagle the love of his Life. What a Father too three wonderful young Ladies & grandchildren who he adored beyond this world. What a role model for not just me, but All Auctioneers. What a best friend, Nathan was very instrumental in teaching others especially a young me(Brandon) on how-to be the Best person I could be, as a auctioneer, and how one should follow God's plan in life. I have never in my years on this earth meet a finer individual than Nathan Cagle, and this goes too in the Auction industry. His leadership skills were second to none and always thought of each consignor and customer as Family and that my friends is the Cagle Difference. It's not about money but treating each other with respect and honesty and integrity. Although Nathan's shoes on this earth will never be filled, but we strive to walk the path he paved for us. And just remember Nathan Cagle Sold It, Sold It, Sold It

Continuing The Cagle Tradition

Mary Jane

What a true example of a southern Lady. What a Christian. What a wife, to the Love of her life, Nathan Cagle. What a true second mother to me and who has always pushed me to be the best I can be. What a amazing grandmother to Nathan's three wonderful daughters. The true definition of a Southern Lady. Mary Jane has been by Nathan's side at the auction and right beside him, when he was at his worst with cancer. She is a true inspiration for all to follow, not only at the auction working, greeting customers & friends but always willing to help at anytime she could. I know this has been tough to keep clerking the auction and it means more than the world to me that she is still clerking with us after loosing Nathan. But their is no one else than Mary Jane I'd rather have up there. Maw, you're simply the Best. ReplyForward

Continuing The Cagle Tradition Len & Anita

Len & Anita McAlister have been in the auction business for many years as they have owned their own auction and have since retired. With their knowledge and leadership, each one of them represents a fine intricate piece in their contributions to Cagle Auction. Their sheer determination makes them outstanding folks, not just for the auction, but in all aspects in life. They have been with Nathan Cagle long before myself. Len works with customers to assure each customer gets their proper merchandise. He has a passion for toys, especially early Hot Wheels and other great vintage toys. It has always been a pleasure to have them, and we're grateful to have them continue working with Cagle Auction and also having them as friends. Anita is our main clerk at our cashier center and also a fill in for the clerking on our Auction Flex program. She is a vital heartbeat to the team at Cagle Auction. She is a very family oriented person who loves her children and grandchildren. Also one might know she is an avid animal lover. She also has a passion for antiques & vintage kitchen utensils and has an extensive collection. Especially early stoneware mixing bowls, Fiesta being one that they really love.

Continuing The Cagle Tradition

Ann Thompson

Ann is an outstanding member of our auction team and always learning more about pottery and other fields of collectibles. She is currently our Liveauctioneers Live Bidding Clerk Specialist and does an amazing job. Ann has a vast knowledge of antiques as she has been collecting and restoring them as far back as childhood with her late mother and late aunt both of Jacksonville, Florida where Ann grew up. Her mother and aunt were in the antique business, and not only helped out with the business, but also attended auctions with them for years. She has a particular love of Chinoiserie, specifically blue and white,
porcelain Delftware and has aquired quite the collection over the years. She has been a great asset to Cagle Auction for the past five years and continues to be of great help to the company.

Continuing The Cagle Tradition Belinda DiRienzo

Belinda is one of a kind. It's not many times that one person comes on and just has the ability to understand how an auction runs. And let me tell you, she does just that. From the time she started with Cagle auction some years ago, she was one who listened and took the bull by the horns and has developed into an outstanding leader for Cagle Auction. She is our auction floor manager and is crucial to the flow of operation of items crossing the block. Simply outstanding personality and a pleasure to be around. Simply one of the Best in the business when it comes to a auction floor manager.

Continuing The Cagle Tradition Jax

Jax, what a Fine Chocolate Lab that loves Southern Pottery & Duck Hunting. Jax is truly one of a kind, and a friend to everyone but can be guarding at times. He loves sitting with the stoneware and just looking at the different glazes they offer, he really took a liking to the JS Nash jug when I got back from Texas with it. The two year old nose can sniff out a good glaze through the thickest walls.


SOLD: $12,000

SOLD: $3,400

SOLD: $2,800

SOLD: $1,900


Personalized Customer Service:

At Cagle Auction Company, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Our dedicated team of professionals provides personalized attention to each client, understanding their unique needs and tailoring their services accordingly.

Experience with Expertise

With years of experience in the auction industry, Cagle Auction Company has honed its skills and expertise in conducting successful auctions. we have a deep understanding of market trends, pricing strategies, and effective marketing techniques. This experience allows us to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients, ensuring optimal results for both buyers and sellers.


Trent Reed


Interaction with employees and staff always positive. Great atmosphere and wonderful auction house. Highly recommended!

Jessica Black


I want to thank Cagle Auction house from the bottom of my heart! I had posted a jug on fb not knowing anything about it and come to find out people were low balling me big time! Brandon Pratt saw my post and was very honest with me and told me his auction could get more for it. So I agreed to enter it in his auction house and it ended up selling for $300. I will gladly do business with them again and highly recommend them!!!

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